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Reading Street Benchmark Assessments
Posted On:
Monday, September 26, 2011

We have had a fantastic start to the school year and have already completed our first unit in Scott Foresman reading.  This week we will be administering the Unit 1 Benchmark Reading assessment.  It is imperative that your child is at school during testing, and is encouraged to do his or her best.  The data from these tests are used to help place your child in the appropriate reading group so each child can be challenged and meet his or her full potential. Please remember that during the weeks of benchmark assessments, students will not have a weekly reading selection test, spelling test, or grammar test.  We are very excited about our progress so far this year and we look forward to good results this week!

                    Thanks for your support,
    TES Teachers
Grades 2-5

Reading Street Benchmark Assessments


What are they?

         Tests are designed to measure the student’s ability to apply the target comprehension skills and other skills taught during the unit to a new reading selection


What do they test?

§  Unit comprehension skills through literal, inferential, and critical-analysis questions

§  Vocabulary strategies and skills

§  Phonics in Grades 2 and 3 only

§  Grammar, usage, and mechanics skills


When do students take them?

         Throughout the year, at the end of each unit (about every

         six weeks)


How are results used?

§  To identify students who can successfully construct meaning from a reading selection and to identify students who need intervention

§  To identify the specific skills students have mastered and have not mastered

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