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Frequently Asked Questions about our Pre-K program

1. Does the $440 per month cover only one child's tuition? Yes

2. Is there a discount for multiple children?   Not at this time

3. When can you register for the After School Program? You may register for the After School Program at the same time you register for Pre-school.

4. Is food included in price? Yes, Breakfast, Lunch and After School Snack are included in the price.

5. Is there a low-income program or financial aid for tuition? Not at this time

6. My child will be 5 years old 9/22/17. Will she be eligible to enroll for the pre-K program? Yes

7. If you have children in other grades, will there be an after school program for them also? Yes, Extended Day is now available for students in Kindergarten - Sixth Grade. See the Extended Day tab under the Pre-K Program tab.

8. How much is extended day or is it included in the price mentioned? Price is included in tuition.

9. How soon will we know if we are accepted so we can plan with our current day care? As soon as your deposit is paid and your paperwork is complete.

10. Will there be a limit on how many students can enroll? At this time the limit will be between 80 to 100 students.

11. My child has allergies and can't be around peanuts, cashews, etc. (NO NUTS) or peanut oil. How will you handle this? You will need to turn in a note from your child's doctor confirming the allergy. Our teachers, school nurse and our lunch staff take all precautions to ensure that your child is safe while at school.